October 30: Optimized conversation responses; added observable aliases; bug fixes

New Features

  • 💡 Graphlit now supports 'aliases' of observable names, as the alternateNames property. When an observed entity, such as Organization, is enriched, we store the original name and the enriched name as an alias. For example, "OpenAI" may be enriched to "OpenAI, Inc.", and we store "OpenAI" as an alias, and update the name to "OpenAI, Inc.".

  • 💡 Added workflows filter to ContentCriteriaInput type, for filtering content by workflow(s) when creating conversation.

  • Optimized formatting of content sources into prompt context, for more accurate conversation responses.

  • Optimized formatting of extracted text from Slack messages, for better knowledge retrieval.

  • Updated text tokenizer for more accurate token counting.

  • Upgraded Azure Text Analytics to latest preview API version.

  • Authors found in RSS feeds are now stored as observations of Person entities.

  • Added rate limiting for Reddit feeds.

  • Added rate limiting for Wikipedia enrichment.

  • Added support for reading Reddit post comments when reading Reddit feed.

  • EmbedFacets has been renamed to EnableFacets in the conversation strategy.

  • Removed extra content level in IngestionWorkflowStage type. Now, the if property is of type IngestionContentFilter.

Bugs Fixed

  • GPLA-1556: Better handling of very long user prompts.

  • GPLA-1627: Optimized token budget for more accurate prompt completion.

  • GPLA-1585: More accurate entity matching in Wikipedia entity enrichment.

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