May 5: Support for Jina and Pongo rerankers, Microsoft Teams feed, new YouTube downloader, bug fixes

New Features

  • 💡 Graphlit now supports the Jina reranker and Pongo semantic filtering (reranking), in the Specification object. Now you can choose between COHERE, PONGO and JINA for your reranking serviceType.

  • 💡 Graphlit now supports Microsoft Teams feeds for reading messages from Teams channels.

  • Given changes in YouTube video player HTML, we have rewritten the YouTube downloader to support the new page format.

  • Added better handling of HTTP errors when validating URIs. Previously some websites were returning HTTP 403 (Forbidden) errors when validating their URI, or downloading content. Now Graphlit is able to scrape these sites, which previously returned errors.

  • Added support for updating content metadata in updateContent mutation. Now the video, audio, document, etc. metadata can be updated after the content workflow has finished.

  • Added query_contents_graph (and queryContentsGraph) functions to SDKs, which can be used to return nodes and edges from knowledge graph for visualization.

  • Citation indices have been changed to be one-based from zero-based. For example, you will now see "This is a citation. [1]" as the first citation in the list.

  • Added isSynchronous flag to deleteAll and multiple delete mutations. By default, bulk delete operations are now asynchronous (and completed after the mutation returns), unless the isSynchronous flag is set to true.

  • Added missing count mutations, such as countAlerts, countFeeds, etc.

  • Renamed query_content_facets to query_contents_facets in Python SDK

  • Renamed queryContentFacets to queryContentsFacets in Node.js SDK

Bugs Fixed

  • GPLA-2544: Page relevance not filled-in in all situations

  • GPLA-2546: Not extracting links from PDF with Azure AI Doc Intelligence

  • GPLA-2557: Sporadically returning HTTP 500 from GraphQL API

  • GPLA-2573: Failed to re-ingest content which was deleted immediately after initial ingestion

  • GPLA-2575: Not validating for empty (non-null) parameters in mutations

  • GPLA-2578: Need to handle invalid JSON from LLMs; improper escaping or formatting

  • GPLA-2585: Failed to ingest encoded file with colon (:) in name

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