February 21: Support for OneDrive and Google Drive feeds, extract images from PDFs, bug fixes

New Features

  • Added support for assigning collections to content ingested with the ingestPage, ingestFile or ingestText mutations. This saves a step where the content will automatically be added to the collection(s) without requiring another mutation call.

  • Added support for the CODE file type for a wide variety of source code formats, i.e. Python .py, Javascript .js. Code files use optimized text splitting for enhanced search and retrieval.

  • Added support for customGuidance in Specification object, which can be used for injecting a guidance prompt during the RAG process. For example, you can instruct the LLM to return a default response string if no content sources are found via semantic search.

  • Added tenants field to Project object, which returns a list of all tenant IDs which have been used to create an entity in Graphlit.

  • Added email metadata, separate from document metadata. Now emails will contain indexed metadata such as to, from, or subject.

Bugs Fixed

  • GPLA-2099: Failed to ingest ArXiV PDF. Fixed PDF parsing error.

  • GPLA-2174: LLM response is incorrect with conversation history, but no content sources.

  • GPLA-2199: ZIP package left in Indexed state after content workflow.

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