August 17: Prepare for usage-based billing; append SAS tokens to URIs

New Features

  • ℹ️
    Behind the scenes, Graphlit is preparing to launch usage-based billing. This release put in place the infrastructure to track billable events. Organizations now have a Stripe customer associated with them, and Graphlit projects are auto-subscribed to a Free/Hobby pricing plan. In a future release, we will provide the ability to upgrade to a paid plan in the Graphlit Developer Portal. Also, we will provide visualization of usage, on granular basis, in the Portal.
  • 💡
    Content URIs now have Shared Access Signature (SAS) token appended, so they are accessible after query. For example, content.transcriptUri will now be able to be downloaded or used directly in an application (until the SAS token expires).
  • 🧱
    Added more robustness for error handling and retries, especially for LLM APIs and audio transcription APIs.